Bluetone Studio has been in operation since 1991, and under current ownership since 2000.  BTS is a comfortable studio with a large (455sq. ft) live room, three sound treated isolated rooms, kitchenette, lounge and the control room. Designed for digital recording BTS provides affordable recording in a relaxed environment.  

Pictures speak more than words, or please arrange a tour of the studio by contacting us.

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Bluetone has several isolated spaces as well as portable sound baffles, allowing us to isolate sound sources which give greater control of your mixes.  Some jazz clients prefer to use live room for a live sound, tracking entirely in the one room.  There are direct lines of sight to the control room from the vocal iso-booth (will accommodate 2 people), the Live room, Room A (frequently used for drum kits when live room is not an option), and Room B, slightly smaller than A.  We often use the lounge and adjacent hall for amplifier separation as well.

Please call BTS for more information at (617) 625-1452


2009 Bluetone Studio