Bluetone offers affordable digital recording.  Outlined below are some of our most commonly booked services. 

Additional information, services, and rates that are specific to the engineer can be found on their respective pages here:

David Cummings Damon Leibert Kook Lawry


S E R V I C E S:

  • Music recording and production
    Recording of music
  • On-location (live) recording
    Remote recording, on stable hard disk recorder (24 tracks).
  • Video Production
    HD Cameras with Depth of field lens adapters, lighting, editing, sound.
  • Lighting
    Up lighting, Stage Lighting, Video lighting.
  • Rehearsal Space
    In house PA system, drums, amps.
  • Intimate Concert / Live recording
    Let BTS host an intimate live studio concert!
  • Mixing
    Mix your next project at Bluetone.
  • Voiceovers
    Corporate quality voiceovers
  • Editing
    Digital Audio editing
  • DAT, ADAT, & Cassette to CD Transfers
    Facilities to transfer different formats of audio.
  • Studio rental
    Your studio too small?  Rent BTS by the day.



  • BACKUPS: When recording digitally please understand that unless your recording (data) exists in two locations, it is not secure.  We recommend bringing a portable firewire or USB hard drive to back your data up upon completion of your session.  Bluetone does assume responsibility of backing up -your- data, however we do archive our working projects regularly.
  • Protools & other platforms:  When transferring multitrack projects between studios, please be aware that we provide uniform audio files (all starting at the same point) and a reference track.  We expect the same when importing audio.
  • Session Time:  Your session begins at the time you book it for.  It ends when work is complete and all equipment & instruments are removed or put away.



Please call BTS for more information at (617) 625-1452


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