Trained at the Recording Workshop in 1987, Dave has been recording music for nearly twenty years as well as mixing live audio for bands and corporate clients.  He took ownership of Bluetone Studio in 2000, and has been providing quality audio recording in a relaxed environment ever since.

Dave excels at live sound  and live multi-track  recording in addition to working as a studio engineer.  He thrives on the challenges of recording in many different environments.  Live projects include albums for the Ken Clark Organ Trio, Fats Hammond (Jazz), Moose and the Mudbugs, Siamese Tripletts (Rock), as well as a video sound track for The Real Kids (Garage/Punk). 

Dave has worked with live sound reinforcement for corporate clients such as Fidelity, Boston Globe, and Bank of America.  He has also played bass professionally for over 20 years in his own bands, Smooth Bamboo, Vinyl, as well as the Cocktail Mermaids.


  • Vinyl-Victoria's Hartop
  • Smooth Bamboo-Mr. Mystified
  • Nor'easter Vol. I (various artists)
  • Moose and the Mudbugs & Siamese Triplets
    (live at the Knights of Pithias)


  • Cell Block One
  • Pop the Hood
  • Final Demise


  • Tom Caso Band
  • The Collisions
  • Me and Joan Collins
  • Joe Faulder
  • Spike Emerson Society
  • Supertonic
  • Relentless
  • Alex MacDougal
  • Eric Reardon
  • Catfish Lucy
  • Persian Blue
  • Fran Mconiville
  • Gretchen Bostrom
  • Bob Kerr
  • Sunshine Heros
  • Cellblock One
  • Freespirit
  • Protocol
  • Pop the Hood
  • Semicharger
  • Inhalers
  • Bob Kerr
  • Heather Tobin
  • Alyson Drayton
  • Search Engine
  • Russ Lawton (Drummer for the Trey Anastasio Band)
  • Cocktail Mermaids
  • Rythmo Loco
  • Vein
  • Sarah Lynch
  • Professor Gascan
  • Bill Ross
  • The Warblehead Union
  • Chuck and Eujen
  • Michael Keene
  • The Mudes
  • Paul Camillo
  • Hannah Keene
  • Tony Bova
  • Erin Brown
  • Erica Cruz
  • Protocol
  • Dan Murphy
  • Ghuda
  • Fats Hammond
  • Ken Clark Organ Trio
  • The Real Kids
  • 12 Step Spiral
  • Alibi
  • Craig Smith
  • Kurt Martin
  • Litany of Complaints
  • Boy Howdy
  • Boot Factor Five


Please call BTS for more information at (617) 625-1452


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